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Sound Legal Advice And Dedicated Legal Representation For Health Care Professionals

Since 2001, our law firm has focused extensively on the representation of health care professionals — such as dentists, doctors, veterinarians and chiropractors — throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Because of our extensive experience fulfilling health care professionals’ needs and interests, we are able to offer some of our services on a flat fee basis.

Whether you are a recent graduate planning to start your own practice or join an existing one, an established practitioner looking to add a partner or associate, or a practice owner expanding to a new location, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Sound Legal Advice And Dedicated Legal Representation

This practice area is highly specialized, and it requires the support of attorneys who understand the complex relationships and concerns that confront health care providers. Our Virginia health care professional lawyers are experienced in all of the following:

  • Dental and medical office leases
  • Purchase contracts for office buildings or condominium office space
  • Purchase or sale of practices
  • Partnership or shareholder buy-in or withdrawal
  • Employment agreements for partners and associates
  • Employment agreements with future buy-in or purchase of the entire practice
  • Noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Combining practices
  • Loan documents for practice purchases, startup of practice or purchase of office space
  • Practice organization
  • Estate planning

Our Experience And Your Skills Create A Successful Team

Our attorneys work collaboratively with medical professionals to help them achieve goals and guard against future liabilities. We understand the importance of laying a solid legal foundation, creating sound contracts, and ensuring compliance to protect your business and personal interests. Twenty-five plus years of legal experience enable us to deliver solid results across a wide range of your needs, from startup through retirement.

Contact our Fairfax, Virginia, law office today at 703-281-9000 or by email for an evaluation of your legal needs or potential case.