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Attorneys For Drafting And Reviewing Business Contracts

One key component of doing business is entering into some type of contractual agreement. Whether it is a supply agreement, a lease, or a purchase and sale agreement, these matters are a daily part of life for business owners. Having an attorney to draft and review contractual agreements can ensure that both sides of the agreement are fair and that both parties are following the terms of the contract. In the event a party fails to meet their obligations related to the agreement, an attorney can assist in litigating disputes that arise from a breach of the contract.

At Brian V. Ebert, P.C., we have over 21 years of experience assisting business owners with their complex contractual matters. We protect our clients’ interests with thorough contract negotiation, drafting and review. From our law office in Fairfax, we serve clients in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Protecting Your Interests In All Types Of Business Contracts.

We counsel clients on the drafting of many of the types of documents and agreements they need for the day-to-day operation of their businesses, including commercial leases, equipment leases, supply contracts and various employment contracts.

In working with our clients, we determine what their particular needs are. Our experience in many areas of the law affords us the ability to draft detailed, legally sound contracts that help clients to achieve their desired results. Our contracts lawyers work with clients throughout the contract process, including negotiating the terms of the agreement with the other party and their counsel. If a particular issue crops up, we advise our clients on its significance and on the level of risk this issue brings, including the probability of what will happen if they agree to this contract term. It is our job to protect a client’s best interest. We will always provide advice that does this.

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As a small-business owner, it is important to hire qualified counsel to assist you in the drafting, review, and negotiation of your contractual matters. For over two decades, the attorneys at Brian V. Ebert, P.C., have been helping business owners in the Fairfax, Virginia, area on these matters. To see how we can help, contact our office to speak to our lawyers.