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Protecting your interests of in business transactions, litigation, benefits law and estate planning in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and nationwide.

Attorneys for Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Professionals

Business owners, particularly those in complex sectors like health care, need legal advice on many issues. From formation through retirement or dissolution of your business, you may face issues of organization, planning, financing, leasing and asset protection.

At Brian V. Ebert, P.C., we provide strategic counsel and representation focused on the specific needs of business owners and professionals in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and nationwide. Our law office is in Fairfax.

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Our Areas of Practice

Business & Commercial Law
We help doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health professionals achieve their goals & guard against future liabilities.
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Commercial Litigation
We advocate for our clients in disputes with customers, government agencies & other businesses in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution & trial.
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Employee Benefits Law
Our attorneys provide counsel and representation to employers and employees in matters of ERISA & employee benefits law.
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Estate Planning And Probate
We help business owners, families & individuals plan their estates and protect their assets from issues like creditors, taxation and disability.
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Real Estate & Leasing
Whether you are considering the purchase or sale of commercial real estate or you are planning to enter a lease agreement, our lawyers will effectively protect your interests.
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Creating Strong, Productive Partnerships With Our Clients

Our attorneys will engage with you to fully grasp your business objectives and legal concerns, in order to effectively protect your interests in areas ranging from contract negotiation to litigation of a complex dispute. We will take the time to understand the immediate issues you face, the unique attributes of your operation and your future objectives.

Our experience and your professional and business skills make for a successful team. We are committed to levels of collaboration and efficiency that lead to solid results. Our legal team brings a broad base of knowledge to address your needs, drawing from our experience in business, law, and issues confronting the medical profession and technology.

Business And Commercial Law.
Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. & nationwide.

Business Lawyers
With Trial Experience

We are proven business lawyers with the ability to consult, advise, offer guidance and effectively litigate virtually any business-related dispute. This gives us leverage throughout the negotiation process and allows us to aggressively pursue your interests in court if necessary.

Due to the broad range of business and commercial law services we provide, we often serve as outside legal counsel for businesses that are not large enough to have in-house counsel.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Att Brian
Brian V. Ebert
Claudia Melara Chase
Kurt Iselt
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Virginia and Maryland Business Formation Attorneys

Contact our office by phone at 703-281-9000 or reach us by email to discuss your needs and goals. We accept credit cards and are able to offer flat fees for some of our services to accommodate your needs.