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Fairfax Business Law Lawyers

Maryland and Virginia Commercial Law Attorneys

There are distinct advantages to working with a law firm that can provide quality legal services in multiple areas of law, particularly when those areas are as complex as health care and business. At the Law Office of Brian V. Ebert, P.C., we strike a strong balance between focus and versatility.

Our attorneys apply more than 20 years of experience in business, commercial law and litigation to effectively assert and protect our clients' interests across a wide spectrum of issues and disputes. We take pride in the education we received in nationally known undergraduate programs and regionally renowned law schools, our invaluable early career experience as law clerks in the federal and state courts in Virginia, and our commitment to providing savvy, productive counsel in all our practice areas.

Dedicated to Providing Solid Results for Each Business Client

We consult with companies and professionals across many different sectors on business and commercial law matters including entity formation, contracts, real estate and employment contracts. Our attorneys also handle many forms of business litigation, targeting favorable outcomes in settlement negotiations, mediation or the courtroom.

We have the knowledge to provide quality representation and excellent value, whatever the focus of your business or professional practice. One significant strength of our firm involves representation of health care professionals such as dentists, doctors, veterinarians and chiropractors seeking to assert and protect their professional and overall interests. Our experience and capabilities extend to:

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Contact our law office by phone at 703-281-9000 or reach us by e-mail to discuss your immediate or ongoing needs. Our Fairfax business law attorneys accept credit cards and can offer flat fees for some services accommodate your needs.

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