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For Tenants

Benefits to the Tenant of Hiring an Experienced Leasing Attorney


Lease comments should be completed within 3 days. Quick turnaround takes experience. It lessens tensions and promotes goodwill with the landlord. Delays jeopardize deals.

Leasing is a unique field. A learning curve for your counsel is not in your best interests, and slows the process. An attorney experienced in this field can help get the documentation to closure.

Your Money, Time and Risk

Your rent, pass-throughs, and build-out may be your business' second greatest expense, next to your people. Given today's competitive business environment, your lease dollars must effectively serve your business' specific needs and interests. These specific needs and interests should be reflected in the lease documents.

Efficiency is based on experience. A lot of your time and your broker's time can be saved by counsel who can address the documentation issues based on leasing experience.

A lease is an extremely serious financial commitment, especially if there is a personal guarantee. Consider the total rent you are obligated to pay over the term of the lease. This degree of risk warrants counsel with great experience in this field.

Based on experience, a leasing attorney understands whether risks in the documents are reasonable when balanced with the benefits your broker has negotiated for you.

Teamwork Based on Knowledge/Co-Counsel with your attorney

A good leasing attorney effectively teams with your broker.

Your leasing attorney should be willing to work cooperatively with your business attorney as co-counsel in advising you.

Developing an effective Tenant Addendum or lease clause amendments

The landlord's form lease is drafted to protect only the landlord. Working with your broker, an experienced leasing attorney knows the appropriate provisions to draft for your side of the transaction. If the situation calls for it, your broker and attorney can develop a Tenant Addendum or draft lease clause amendments to take care of your business' needs and interests.

A Realistic View

The landlord's form lease will be prepared by an experienced leasing attorney. Your best interests are served by having counsel of comparable experience work with your broker and you.

How Much Experience?

It is in your best interest for your leasing attorney to have handled at least 50 commercial leasing transactions.

All Your Legal Needs

Attorney Brian V. Ebert has over 20 years of experience assisting business owners with a full range of legal services. Contact our office by phone at 703.281.9000 to speak to our attorney and see how we can help.

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